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Deep Space Designs

For Those Who Redine

Deep Space Designs was founded in 2017. Deep Space Designs was originally a Mens Streetwear company, drawing from concepts of interplanetary merch but grew into something far greater as time passed.






The tagline: For Those Who Redfine captures the essence of who Deep Space Designs looks to serve. Deep Space Designs is for  those daring enough to attempt to redfine their world both personally and the community around them. 

Deep Space Designs produces the clothing they wear while they push boundaries, the music they listen to when they realize where they need to make changes, the books they read to influence new and bold ideas in themselves and their community  and the film they watch to keep to push through when times get hard. Deep Space Designs in itself seeks to push the boundaries in all creative fields and deliver quality content in film, music, fashion and reading and so forth. 






Stuck On Earth: short film 

xmas 2022


New Fashion


Our first Exclusive Clothing collection(Tastefully Inappropriate)first collectors Tee will be released with the music album Stuck On Earth for xmas 2021 with the remainder of the collection coming out 1 design every three months after. those shirts can only be accessed via application process

New Children's book


Aston First Day of Earth School 

Winter 2022

Deep Space Designs is also dedicated to opening up their store for other creatives to sell their original works and become Deep Space Certified artist 

fall summer 2022

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